Quick Tip: More Progress Faster

So, I was just thinking about this earlier, and if you’re looking for a quick way to jumpstart your Paleo/Primal/Wheat-free plan, stop going out to eat.

As I was talking to Rachel this afternoon, we both mentioned that we have been going out to eat a lot less than we used to, and instead have been cooking at home a lot more. Just a few minutes ago I was reading a post on Richard’s blog and saw that he mentioned the same sort of thing regarding restaurants.

It’s almost guaranteed that you will make more progress faster, and you won’t be tempted by the wide selection of desserts offered by your favorite restaurant, if you just make the choice to eat at home. You won’t be tempted to have “just one bite” of tiramisu or chocolate cake. Instead, you’ll probably skip dessert, and, if you really do need something, you will more than likely have a small square of the dark chocolate that you keep at home, or maybe some berries with coconut milk, or something along those lines. And this isn’t just limited to dessert. Most of the time your server doesn’t know what gluten-free is. Even if they think they do, they probably don’t. So, why take the chance. Oh, and you’ll save money. Trust me, I know. I work in a restaurant and it isn’t cheap to go out to eat. Save the trip to the restaurant for an occasion like a birthday, when you deserve to have someone cook and clean for you, not a Friday because you don’t feel like cooking and cleaning. Refer back to yesterday’s post and re-read point number 5. Plan ahead. Be in control of what you are eating and cook enough to have leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

More Progress Faster.



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