Weekend Observations

So, here are a couple of observations from the weekend. Admittedly, I wasn’t completely Primal, but I did have an awareness of what was going on. I knew that Friday would probably be the least compliant day of the weekend, but that Saturday and Sunday had a chance to be pretty good if I made the right choices.

Since I ate plenty of food and calories on Thursday, including a late night meal, I decided to fast for part of the day on Friday. As well, Rachel and I had plans to go out for dinner. We turned our dinner into a slightly more progressive affair by having a late lunch/afternoon snack of soup and salad. Basically, this served as appetizers and was accompanied by a beverage each.

Dinner was at Union Woodshop in Clarkston. Had it been our preference, Union Woodshop does offer a gluten-free menu, however, since this was our first visit, we wanted to try a couple of  the less Primal offerings (read; Mac & Cheese and Fried Pickles). Also, I had heard about the butterscotch pudding and really wanted to give it a try. The BBQ was really good and the butterscotch pudding was as good a dessert as I’ve had. In fact, it was so good that it had me looking for recipes so I can try it at home. I also had a very small slice of homemade, gluten-free pumpkin cheesecake (pie). Yes, it had some sugar, but I was willing to make a birthday exception and enjoy 2 desserts in one night. In the previous 2 weeks I hadn’t had any wheat/gluten products and I think the Mac and Cheese might have done a number on me, because I woke up with quite the headache on Saturday morning. Actually, it was bordering on a migraine. I decided to keep the calories both low and low-carb on Saturday, and the headache subsided shortly after lunchtime. Sunday was actually a pretty standard day. No breakfast, a 3 egg omelet with gyro meat, onion, green pepper and feta for lunch and a dinner that consisted of a wedge salad with blue cheese and bacon, scallops with a vegetable medley (I skipped the whipped potatoes), a glass of red wine and a double espresso. There were five of us and we shared 2 desserts that were wheat-free. Just enough for a couple of bites each but not enough to make me feel horrible.

The end result of the weekend feedings left me in a place where I know I didn’t make any progress over the weekend, but I didn’t fall off the wagon. And today (Monday) I’m pushing the proverbial reset button by fasting. I plan to follow up the fast with a sausage, pepper and onion scramble or omelet after work, which should set me up nicely for the rest of the week.

So, there it is. More to come later this week.


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