Thank you.

To whoever is out there reading and clicking and following along.

Thank you.

We really started this to be accountable to ourselves. Then we decided to share it with whoever might be interested.

Our first post was on November 6, 2011. 375 words out into the world.

The first post we shared and encouraged others to check out was the Cork Wine Pub Mini-Review. 100 words on the nose.

Our most viewed post so far was the full review of Cork Wine Pub. 706 words.

In between, there have been 7 other posts that you’ve hopefully been able to check out. If not, feel free to snoop around. There will definitely be more to come, because as it turns out, I (Nick) really like to write these things, and you, whoever you are like to click through. From November 18 through the end of the month we had over 200 page views. I don’t don’t know if that’s really a lot, but it seems like it’s something pretty good for 13 days.

So, please keep reading and clicking and following along and maybe even leaving some comments.

And again. Thank you.

Thoughts? Comments?

-Nick & Rachel

PS – I haven’t forgotten about the homemade stock post. It will be up later today. 🙂


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