A lull in programming

Sorry for the week (or so) long absence from the web-o-sphere. Lots of singing and visiting and traveling and holidays and the like. I’m sure you all understand completely. Here, on the day after Christmas, 2011, I (we) will be re-doubling our efforts in many areas. Later this week, I will have a book review that might save your life. If that is too hyperbolic, it at least has the possibility to dramatically improve whatever ails you in 30 days. I know, it sounds like a ridiculous infomercial.
As well, I will try to post a Primal friendly recipe this week. That is second on the list after the book review, but I’ll do my best.
In any case, here’s hoping you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season, and that you continue to enjoy the last week of the year.

Thoughts? Comments?


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