A (personal) Primal movement is afoot

Last Sunday night, Rachel said to me:

“Maybe we should start a blog….” actually it was more like “maybe we should start a blog….”

I didn’t know if she was completely serious, or if this was something that was passing through her brain in a state of tiredness and it just got out by mistake. For the next 36 hours or so, I thought about us starting a blog. Mostly for ourselves, but also for anyone else who might find it in their own internet wanderings.

When we saw each other on Tuesday, I asked her what she thought we should name “our blog.” We both had some ideas, though most of them were hers, but truthfully, I don’t think we were really attached to any of them. Then, on Wednesday night, or maybe it was Thursday morning, “EatMoveSing” just popped into my brain. It seemed pretty great to me, and Rachel was in complete agreement. All things that we (Rachel and I) need to do on a daily basis.

So, that’s a quick introduction……

The original idea to start a blog came after that Sunday night, when we had both reached our limit as to where Conventional Wisdom had gotten us. Mind you, this is Conventional Wisdom with regards to diet and exercise. Like so many people, we thought we had been doing a pretty good job in the areas of Eating and Moving. Not perfect, mind you, but not horrible. Turns out, it was much less than perfect and maybe closer to horrible than we thought. So, we were committing to a lifestyle change and we would start a blog so that we could have a record of what was going on. A way to remain accountable by publicly stating our actions, intentions, shortcomings, etc. We know we’re not perfect, but maybe this would help keep us on track.

So, here’s to our blog, where we will be keeping track of our lifestyle change, talking about Eating and Moving and Singing (and probably some other stuff, like planning a wedding), and sharing recipes and other life stuff. We hope you’ll join us in our adventure.

-Nick and Rachel

Thanks to Mark’s Daily Apple for a heavy dose of inspiration and information to get us started.